About the Founder

Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 42, now in her early 50's, Marsha Johnson is on a mission to live life to the fullest as she embraces her new position as an entrepreneur by way of owning and running her nonprofit organization, Fashions for The Cure.

Marsha's initial mammogram report read to be no signs of cancer where as the follow up with a biopsy detected it was. After 8 rounds of chemo, loss of hair, a full mastectomy and several surgeries afterwards, She's happy to strut the runway in full stride because she's  still here and she still can.

Founded in the year of 2005, Fashions for The Cure as proven to be just what she needed and to share with others her therapeutic strategies when dealing with a life threatening disease such as breast cancer. Through her cancer awareness annual celebration events, she assist by providing a platform for medical professionals and inspirational speakers to speak to an audience of Survivors, their caregivers, co workers and friends on issues that matters to us all, the importance of early detection of cancer so we all can be proactive in caring not only for ourselves but one another. 

Marsha shares her passion on the runway  with her fellow survivor friends old and newly met through associations, networking and simply just having something in common to talk about, to rejoice over and share a common interest. All that agrees to walk the fashion runway in honor of themselves or in remembrance of those they knew that lost the battle. The year of 2013 would be very special as she and her family will walk in memory of her grandson whom lost the battle at age 3 to leukemia in 2012. Having this high passion for fashion, she uses this as her means to cope and deal with the anxieties one would have after being diagnosed with cancer. Now in remission for nine years as of 2014, yet still there's always that thought of re occurrence that she must keep that vigilant attitude to keep fighting. Regular checkups, proper diet and exercise keeps her mind at ease just knowing she's doing all she can do for herself to continue to get a good bill of health with every return visits to her Oncologist.

No individual is exempt from this terrible disease, cancer does not discriminate. Remain alert and do your research for signs to watch out for. Unexplainable coughs, itch, moles, pain and  fatigue can very well be the early stage of some type of cancer. Early detection is monumental to higher survival rates and great treatment options to fight with everything you have.

"Cancer, ain't nobody got time for that." (In my Kimberly {Sweet Brown } Wilkins voice)"
"A BODY is a terrible thing to waste."