Every year, millions of people worldwide lose their lives to various types of cancer,
including breast and prostate cancers and sadly children’s cancer.  In addition to this sad fact, up to millions of new cases of cancers are expected to be diagnosed each year, however, with the right level of awareness, cancer can be prevented. Early detection is our best protection.                                                                This is exactly what we do at Fashions For The Cure,  we provide an outlet for cancer survivors to meetup, network and fellowship with each in hopes to share their stories and find something in common to perhaps encourage one another giving them that little push needed to carry on with the fight. It’s also a learning experience in regards of Health, Education and maintaining much needed Self-Esteem. We accomplish this through our fun filled annual activities that assist us in carry out our mission. When family, friends, coworkers and our communities join us to cheer us on; this gives us more power, encouragement and the hope to carry on.
Fashions For The Cure is a 501 (c) (3) certified organization, dedicated to fighting
cancer through awareness programs and events. We use fashion as a medium to educate and enlighten the community about the importance of early cancer detection and how it can save lives. We also invite survivors to share their experience on how they
overcame their setbacks and regained their freedom again. With your support, we can
collectively kick out cancer and make the community a better place. I am delighted to invite you to play an important role of sponsor. As a non-profit organization, we rely very much on donations and sponsorships from generous and well-meaning individuals, foundations, companies and business owners who believe in our mission to fight cancer by using fashion to educate and enlighten the community. We cannot do it alone and this is why we need your financial support. You can support us with “one off” donation, a monthly, quarterly or yearly donation of any amount. Whether big or small, your contribution will go a long way in touching so many lives and helping them live a healthy life.

Your contribution powers the organizations financial needs of operations and whatever activities brought to the cancer survivors, my hope that they don’t have to worry about the cost to attend or participate because of contributors like you.
Last year we hosted our 3rd annual Cancer Survivors Brunch entertaining over 50 Cancer Survivors and their families that came out to support them.  It is my desire if you would consider FFTC as part of your list of charities you wish to sponsor. We would also ask if you could attend as our special guest. Come see how your contributions will be well distributed and put to a very good cause. In appreciation of your generosity, your support will be acknowledged through  social media blasts, special recognition at our special events, banner display on our website, and special mention in media appearances and interviews.
Your partnership with Fashions For The Cure, goes beyond displaying your banner or logo; It is an opportunity to connect your identity with an organization of great and positive influence.

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Marsha Johnson




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