For those Families or Patients who need medical assistance at Dallas Hospitals. We are a totally volunteer organization who maintain theses Apts. with everything furnish free except food for a very inexpensive rate. You must live 40 miles outside Dallas to qualify for residency. Ark House phone is (972) 671-7411 Mr. John Jolly handles all request for apartments after contact by your Social Worker at Hospitals.

Support Groups

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Baylor Health Foundation

Baylor Cancer Resource Center

Relay for Life

First United Methodist Church

Life Message
The Spirit of Giving

Familes Who Support Breast Cancer

Young Women Survivors Diagnosed before the age 45

Men Against Breast Cancer

Colon Screening   1 800 ACS-2345

Survivors On Purpose  ~   Leslie Williams
Triple Negative Breast Cancer         

Wawela  (All Is Well)  ~  Patricia McCoy
Eating well to living Well

Something Special Styling Salon  ~  Melva R Williams
Hair after CHEMO

Restoring Hope Care Giver Services   Sajuana Smith
Sitting Services

Life Changers Sitting Services
Schawanda Henderson

National Breast Cancer Foundation